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04.16.2010 - Seth Morgan Campaign Ad
01.31.2010 - Seth Morgan Needs Your Help
01.28.2010 - Seth Morgan's Announcement
11.17.2009 - Ohio House GOP Policy Committee unveils 10 reform bills
09.29.2009 - The Future of Ohio Highlights
04.20.2009 - Dayton Ohio Tea Party - Part 1
04.20.2009 - Dayton Ohio Tea Party - Part 2
04.02.2009 - Rep. Seth Morgan press conference on lawsuit against Gov. Strickland
03.26.2009 - Rep. Seth Morgan submits 2nd records request to Strickland


Seth Morgan on Talk Radio around Ohio

Matt Patrick 640 WHLO (4/7/09), Akron / Canton
Tom Roten 800 WVHU (4/9/09), Huntington, WV
Brian Wilson 1370 WSPD (4/10/09), Toledo
Brian Thomas 550 WKRC (4/23/09), Cincinnati

04.15.2010 - Seth Morgan Defends His Legislative Record from Opponent's Nonsensical Attack
04.12.2010 - Shelby County Republican Party Endorses Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
04.11.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA Wins Straw Poll in Summit County with 66 Percent of the Vote for Auditor of State
04.09.2010 - Auditor Mary Taylor Agrees with Seth Morgan's Position Saying Dave Yost's Proposal Creates Conflict of Interest Issue in Auditor's Office
04.06.2010 - Ohio Right to Life Endorses Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
03.31.2010 - Montgomery County GOP Endorses Seth Morgan, CPA Overwhelmingly for Auditor of State
03.26.2010 - Associated Builders and Contractors Endorse Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
03.22.2010 - Lake County Republican Party Endorses Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
03.21.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA Receives Endorsements from Miami County GOP Convention and Summit County GOP
03.15.2010 - Terry Huber, of Huber Heights, Joins Friends of Seth Morgan Campaign as Honorary Finance Chair
03.12.2010 - Ohio Tea Party Movement Endorses Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
03.11.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA Receives Unnanimous Endorsement from Madison County Republican Party for Auditor of State
03.10.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA Receives Endoresement from Scioto County Republican Party and Mansfield North Central Tea Party
03.08.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA Supports Grassroots Campaign to End Ohio's Death Tax
03.04.2010 - Citizens for Community Values Action Pac & Statewide Family Values Leaders Endorse Seth Morgan, CPA For Auditor of State
03.02.2010 - Cuyahoga County GOP endorse Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
03.01.2010 - Several influential Ohio Legislators endorse Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
02.25.2010 - Summit County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff endorses Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State
02.19.2010 - Morgan receives Greene county endoresement for Auditor of State
02.12.2010 - Seth Morgan, CPA is Endorsed Overwhelmingly by Brown County GOP for State Audtior
02.01.2010 - Ohio Republican Party Uses Auditor's Office as Bargaining Chip
01.21.2010 - Rep. Seth Morgan, CPA Announces Candidacy For State Auditor
12.30.2009 - Columbus - Morgan lists "Top Ten for 2009"
12.18.2009 - Columbus - House and Senate Concur on tax increase.  Morgan stands against it
12.18.2009 - Columbus - This is a statement that Seth Morgan made earlier today
12.02.2009 - Dayton - Morgan congratulates Clayton on 500 new jobs
11.18.2009 - Dayton - House Policy Committee hosts town hall and outlines 10 government reform ideas. covers "Morgan's Raiders". coverage and video
Friends of Seth Morgan press release
House Press Release
"One pager" that covers proposals
11.10.2009 - Columbus - Morgan and Snitchler introduce tax credit bill for skilled workers
10.30.2009 - Dayton - EDITORIAL: Morgan Questions Projected Economic Impact of Issue 3
10.23.2009 - Columbus - Morgan introduces Ohio Firearm Freedom Act press release. 
10.21.2009 - Columbus - Morgan opposes tax increase.  Calls for real solutions to budget challenges.
Morgan's comments on the House Floor.
10.16.2009 - Dayton - Morgan calls for Speaker not to play politics with pay-cut for legislators.
10.15.2009 - Columbus - Morgan introduces "Race to the Top" legislation.
09.21.2009 - Dayton - Morgan joins other lawmakers in rolling out legislative efforts to bring jobs to Ohio.
09.14.2009 - Columbus - Morgan Joins Colleagues in Lawsuit over expanded gambling through Ohio's budget.
08.19.2009 - Columbus - Morgan Starts Time in Office with Perfect Business Rating.
08.10.2009 - Columbus - Morgan Tells Congress "NO" to "ObamaCare".
07.14.2009 - Columbus - House passes budget: Morgan voices concern.
06.30.2009 - Columbus - Morgan responds to House Passage of temporary 7 day budget.
06.04.2009 - Columbus - Morgan introduces bill to cut elected official's salaries.
06.03.2009 - Columbus - The response to NCR's exit.
05.28.2009 - Columbus - Governor's release of "evidence" of education reform plan not complete
05.08.2009 - Columbus - Morgan questions Strickland vs. Obama stance on school choice
04.29.2009 - Columbus - Morgan files for mediation with Governor Strickland in Ohio Supreme Court
04.29.2009 - Columbus - Morgan voices concern regarding passage of state operating budget
04.24.2009 - Columbus - Morgan wins writ from the Ohio Supreme Court.
04.15.2009 - Dayton - Morgan delivers the keynote address to the Dayton Ohio Tea Party - Listen.
04.08.2009 - Columbus - Morgan responds to Governor's incomplete release of evidence.
04.08.2009 - Columbus - Morgan wins expedited hearing ruling from Ohio Supreme Court - Ruling
04.06.2009 - Columbus - Morgan files suit in Ohio Supreme Court against Governor Ted Strickland
Full complaint for writ of mandamus.
03.25.2009 - Columbus - Morgan submits a second public records request to Governor.  Click for the full press release.
03.12.2009 - Columbus - Morgan submits public records request for "evidence" in Governor's Education Reform Plan
03.05.2009 - Columbus - Morgan questions the delay in release of "evidence" of Governor's Education Reform Plan
02.13.2009 - Columbus - BREAKING NEWS: Budget hearings delayed
02.04.2009 - Columbus - Seth Morgan to Chair Policy Committee for Ohio House Republicans
02.03.2009 - Columbus - Seth Morgan receives Standing Committee Assignments that include Finance and Education
01.28.2009 - Columbus - Seth Morgan issues a press statement in response to the Governor's State of the State address
01.05.2009 - Columbus - Seth Morgan is sworn in as a State Representative at the Ohio State House
DAYTON 11/06/2008:
The Friends of Seth Morgan declare victory in their effort to win the 36th District Ohio House of Representatives seat.  Click for the full press release.
COLUMBUS 10/28/2008:
The Friends of Seth Morgan today won a "Probable Cause" hearing from a panel of the Ohio Elections Commission.  Click for the full press release.
DAYTON 10/24/2008:
The Friends of Seth Morgan today filed an election complaint against opponent Charles Morton.  Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 09/28/2008:
Seth Morgan receives the endorsement of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association.  Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 09/14/2008:
Seth Morgan receives endorsements from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business / SAFE Trust, and the Ohio Society of CPAs.  Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 09/04/2008: Seth Morgan releases statement on the "Ohio Healthy Families Act". Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 08/29/2008:
Seth Morgan is endorsed by Ohio Right to Life and the Dayton Right to Life PACs.  Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 08/18/2008:
Seth Morgan is endorsed by the Ohio Nurses Association and the Ohio State Medical Association.  Click for the full press release.
DAYTON 08/12/2008:
Seth Morgan is featured in an interview by Emily McCord for NPR's local affiliate, WYSO, 91.3FM regarding faith in politics.  Click here to listen online.
HUBER HEIGHTS 07/19/2008:
Friends of Seth Morgan releases first round of elected leadership endorsements.  Click for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 05/06/2008:
Seth Morgan joins a list of state leaders calling for Attorney General Marc Dann's resignation.  Click here for the full press release.
HUBER HEIGHTS 11/09/2007:
Seth Morgan receives two early key endorsements from ABC of Ohio and the Family First PAC.  Emery Phipps, Political Director of the Friends of Seth Morgan says that the endorsements show that Morgan " the right candidate to represent the 36th District..." Click here for the full press release
DAYTON 08/01/2007:
Seth Morgan recently received the Republican endorsement as a candidate for the 36th District State Representative for the Nov. 2008 general election.


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