Fiscal Responsibility.

Huber Heights residents are required to make ends meet and their government should be no different.

Huber Heights, like all governments, faces ups and downs in fiscal condition. As a city of almost 40,000 people and with one of the higher tax rates in the greater Dayton area, any challenges with fiscal problems should first be solved by addressing spending, not raising new revenues. If raising new revenues is necessary, it should only be done so long as the new revenues are necessary and ideally be done for a specific purpose.


Setting a Priority on Police and Fire.

A budget is a policy document.  Through the allocation of resources to departments, the City Council is identifying its priorities and initiatives.  

A local governments’ most important duty is to provide for the protection of its people. Police and fire services will always be a priority in the budgeting process.


Focusing on the Future of Huber Heights.

Often, short-term decisions, while they may look good on the surface, have unintended consequences. The City Council must consider the future of Huber Heights when making all decisions. This will lead to careful consideration about the debt of Huber Heights, a commitment to City services that will improve services of development, the protection and expansion as necessary of utilities, and well thought out zoning and maintenance policies.


Work Ethic of Huber Heights People.

Too often, politicians take it upon themselves to try to figure all the problems out themselves, using government as the solution.  This often leads to the beginning of a government “nanny state.” Fundamental to the future of Huber Heights and its current operation is the hard work and work ethic of the Huber Heights people. The Huber Heights community will only be as successful as the hard work of the Huber Heights people will allow.  And for that reason, Huber Heights can have a great future!


In addition to the issues Morgan hopes to advance as a City Council member, Seth Morgan will approach his service in public policy with several overarching principles in mind.


A Commitment to Liberty.

Seth Morgan is passionate about liberty.  Seth has written a book on the subject entitled It’s About Liberty, Stupid!, recorded many audio segments on the subject, and spoken on the subject many times. Seth believes that government cannot be the solution to every problem or in fact liberty for Americans will be jeopardized.  Seth believes that because government can’t solve everything, people must be responsible for their actions.

This commitment will cause Seth to watch for areas that government is taking steps that should be reserved for the people to decide.  Seth believes in the positive power of free-people and free-markets and believes that through these principles America has become the wealthiest and most powerful Country on the globe.


A Commitment to Limited Government.

Seth Morgan believes that the government’s role is to be limited to the specific powers it is granted.  Seth subscribes to a “contract theory” of the Constitutions of the United States and Ohio. This means that he believes that the Constitutions serve as a contract or agreement between the people and their governments.

Similarly, the City of Huber Heights relationship between the people and the government is defined by the Charter of the City of Huber Heights.  Seth believes that these documents should be strictly interpreted and should serve as the guide to inform the behavior of the citizens and the citizens’ representatives.


A Commitment to the Importance of Local Government.

Seth Morgan has proven his belief in local government through his many years of past service in it. Seth believes that the founders’ vision of America included local governments that were able to be more robust in both service and regulation to the communities they served.  Seth believes that many of the current regulations and social services delivered by Federal or State governments would be more appropriately administered and paid for by the local governments, or done away with all together.

As Seth takes up the role as a City Council member for the people of Huber Heights, Seth will be passionately defensive of the role of the local government and what is known as “home rule” under Ohio law, meaning that Huber Heights should have the opportunity to govern itself. Seth will also look for opportunities to utilize the proper place of local government to enhance the lives and futures of the Huber Heights residents.


A Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility.

Seth Morgan is deeply concerned about the national debt and believes the behavior of politicians in Washington often foretells the temptations of politicians on all levels. Seth believes that it is far too easy for politicians to spend money, or worse use money to secure the admiration of the people, without regard to the impact on future generations and financial soundness.

Seth believes in the responsible raising of revenue and spending of such revenue. Seth believes that finances should always be considered with both a short and long-term outlook. Seth believes that the balance sheet of a community (what it owns and what it owes) is as important as its budget. Seth believes that the government should never be operating as the people’s bank by overtaxing its residents. Seth believes a government should strive to be as efficient as possible without jeopardizing the long-term financial outlook of the community.


A Commitment to the Values We Hold Dear.

Seth Morgan believes personal responsibility and the nurturing environment of families raising children have served as an asset to developing a culture of liberty in America. While Seth does not believe government “belongs in the bedroom,” Seth does believe in protecting life from conception, a traditional definition of marriage, and the importance of one’s faith and family.

Increasingly, these issues are becoming “local” issues and not just national.  As a Council Member, Seth will faithfully stand for these principles and when appropriate will legislate to protect or promote them. Seth will stand for individuals, businesses, and churches to exercise their rights of conscience under the first amendment. Seth will defend Huber Heights families as capable from anti-family institutions such as sexually related businesses or the expansion of drug distribution.


A Commitment to Representative Government.

Seth Morgan believes in the power of governments that are made up of representatives of the people.  Seth believes that the power of people to “un-elect” an individual serves as a powerful force of accountability of politicians.  Seth believes that as governments have grown over time, the “administrative state” has become a larger challenge and has led to regulations, taxation, and inefficiencies that have not been helpful to the people.

The Huber Heights City Charter calls for a “City Manager” form of government.  This means that an administrator runs the daily activities of the City. However, too often in the history of Huber Heights, this has meant that effectively, the City Manager has served as the functional policy setter for the people.  Seth will work hard to ensure that the people of Huber Heights, through their representatives, are setting the directional policies of the City.


A Commitment to Honesty.

Seth Morgan believes that productive dialogue between those who are debating can only be had where there is honesty. Honesty can be difficult to deliver and receive but Seth believes that part of America’s problem is the lack of honesty of both the political class and people in addressing the issues we collectively face.

Seth Morgan will strive to maintain an honest approach to his duties as a Council Member in both communication and ethical considerations.


Principles over Politics.

Seth Morgan believes that principles must not be defined or trumped by political party loyalty. Seth believes that Americans have been often ill served by both parties’ inability to serve the people over the promotion of their own power.

Seth Morgan, while holding true to the principles he believes, will protect the interests of his constituents over the interests of his political party.